Guaranteed results! All new members will begin their journey with a 5 step programme. At the end of your kinetika journey you will have a personalised fitness programme and a thorough understanding of an effective workout.

Appointment 1 – Getting Started

  • We’ll identify your exercise goals and get you started.

Appointment 2 – Personal Programme

  • We’ll set your programme and take you through it.

Appointment 3 – Motivation Session 1

  • We’ll check your progress and refine your programme.

Appointment 4 – Motivation Session 2

  • We’ll ensure that you are getting the most out of your programme.

Appointment 5 – Review

  • We’ll measure your progress and plan your exercise future.

To join us contact us now!

Join us as an Authorised Gym user and you can use the gym without making a long term financial commitment. An initial fee is payable when you register which in your first year will include a basic gym programme and an induction to the gym. Then you just pay a fee each time you visit the gym as shown below.

  • Adult £5.20
  • Halton Leisure card £3.05
  • Junior (16 & 17 year olds) £2.60
  • Induction £20.00

With our Personal Trainers you can reach your goals faster through tailor made sessions specially designed for YOU! – no matter what your goal! Getting YOUR RESULTS is what drives our Trainers – the sense of achievement and fun can be fantastic, what are you waiting for?

  • Introductory session Free
  • 30 minute session £10.00
  • 60 minute session £20.00
  • Special Offer 12 sessions for 10 £150.00

Contact us to book your next session.