We have a number of sports clubs that hire our facilities available for adults and children to join.  We are committed to encouraging sports development to help you to enjoy sport as part of a healthy lifestyle as well as developing talent for the future.

For further information please contact the club directly using the contact details below.


Woodend Badminton Club and

S & S Badminton Club


Bob Redmond

www.haltonbadmintonworldpress.com or bob-remond@lineone.net


Panthers Badminton Club

Mrs G Nickson

01928 576486


Liverpool Canoe Club (seasonal)



Valiant Gym & Multi Sports Club

Julie/Andy Shard

andysatgym@yahoo.co.uk or 07903696422


Halton Swimming Club

Carol Hughes



Kingsway Karate

Stephen Rice



Kingsway Jujitsu

Norman McCaffrey





Kingsway Bowling League (seasonal)

David Howl

01928 567309


BoomBox Dance Studios

Helen Bilio